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Billing Village Kangra

Naddi Village Kangra

The village of Naddi lies in Kangra district and is closed to the outside world due to lack of proper roads for many years. This village lies close to Mcleodganj about 3km away and has become a popular tourist destination in recent times. It lies at an altitude of 2000m above the sea level and offers a scenic view of nature. The village has of late become popular for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The village offers bliss to the visitors with its serene environment. The Naddi viewpoint is the must-visit tourist spot to get a peek at the spectacular Dauldhar range of mountains.

Naddi village is a tourist attraction for families that are hoping to unwind in a calm place away from the hustle and bustle and backpackers. The viewpoint offers the best experience for sightseeing the gorgeous mountains and valleys below. The locals of the village are devoted to Lord Keyling and a number of temples are found in honor of him. Prepare to pack some warm clothes as the night temperatures drop considerably low than the morning temperatures.

Places to visit

Naddi village is a perfect place to unwind far from the crowded tourist spots of Dharamshala. Tourists can make a short trek to reach Naddi village from MCleodganj or hail a local auto service. The Naddi viewpoint should be visited at the early hours to see the sunrise over the mountains or at sunset to enjoy the spectacular views. Naddi village serves as a base camp or starting point for other treks like Triund, Kareri Lake, Indrahar Pass etc. it is an ideal place for backpackers to rest before starting their adventure trip. The Sahaja Yoga Ashram is a place to visit for meditation amidst the serene nature.

The village of Naddi is small enough to explore by walk. A small waterfall in the village is another tourist attraction and it can be reached by trekking. With a mix of Indian and Tibetan cultures in Dharamshala, tourists can find restaurants serving both cuisines in Naddi too. For all those looking forward to a less-crowded tourist spot, Naddi village offers relaxation in the lap of nature. Some of the places to visit in Naddi are Siva Subramanya Temple, the garden of Sleeping giant and handicraft market. The nearby attractions from Naddi village are Dal Lake (not similar to the Kashmir Dal Lake) and Tibetan children’s’ village.

The ideal time to visit

Dal Lake is a good place for a morning walk or jog for the tourists to breathe clean air and enjoy nature. The village has a pleasant atmosphere and tourists can visit it at any time of the year. There happens to be a village fair in summer months from April to June so visit during those months to experience it. The month of September is ideal to visit the village festival when the whole of Naddi village is decorated well and locals take a dip in the Dal Lake on that auspicious day.

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