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Bir Valley Kangra

bir valley kangra

Bir is a small town at the end of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. The community in Bir is a mixed population if Indians and Tibetans with later being the large population. It is an off-beat tourist location where most spiritual tourists visit it for meditation and taking spiritual courses. The land of Bir is famous for paragliding and hence it is often called as the Paragliding paradise or paragliding capital of India. The world paragliding championship is held every year at Bir since it is considered as one of the best spots for paragliding in the world. The town is also popular for trekking and sightseeing nature.

How to reach Bir

It is approximately a four-hour ride from Dharamshala to Bir by traveling on a bus. Taxi services are available from Pathankot or Dharamshala and it is most convenient to travel in them with fewer crowds.

Places to visit

The deer park institute and Dharmalaya institute are famous places for spiritual studies in Bir and are often visited by tourists. The deer park institute offers courses and workshops on Buddhism and other Indian traditions. The classes are free of charge and the institute provides space for accommodation. Dharmalaya Institute, on the other hand, opens up for volunteer works on eco-courses related to earthen building programs, organic gardening, and language teaching. The institute is similar to a charitable society which focuses on the better community by education and serving others.

Apart from service learning programs, workshops on meditation and yoga are open as retreats here. Training programs for villagers are given to open chances for them to earn their livelihood. The other places to visit in Bir are Chokyi College of dialects, Tibetan monastery named Palpung Sherab Ling, tea gardens and river pools located in the upper Bir.

Things to do

Paragliding from the mountain top is the first adventure activity you can plan on visiting Bir. There are many places in Bir that offer Paragliding services so pick one and have a great time soaring in the sky. For volunteer works, Dharmalaya Institute is an ideal place to visit. Farming, landscaping and planting etc can be learned here. It is a great place to learn useful skills and the best way to enjoy a vacation. Meditation and yoga classes are available in many workshops around Bir for reasonable prices.

The other adventure activities tourists can partake in Bir apart from paragliding are mountain biking and running on trails. Hand gliding is also available for participants and tourists that are trained. It is not easy to go for hand gliding before proper training. The small town of Bir offers many homestays, restaurants, and hotels for the convenience of the tourists. The local markets of Bir have colorful things which make shopping a unique experience. Visit the Tibetan colony to check the handicrafts which are put for sale.

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