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Explore the Village of Tosh

tosh village

One of the hidden gems in Himachal Pradesh is Tosh which is surrounded by hills and pleasant weather all year round. It can be accessed from places like Kasol and Manikaran which are one hour away from Tosh. The village of Tosh is relatively new to tourists and it is least crowded by them giving the travelers the much-needed peace and calm. If you have planned a trip to Parvathi Valley, make sure to visit Tosh as it offers equally to any other tourist spot in Himachal Pradesh. The village is located at an altitude of 7500 feet which gives you the feeling of being on top of the world.

Base camp

For all the avid travelers that are keen on going to KheerGanga trek, Tosh village serves as a great base camp. One can start their KheerGanga trek at Tosh before starting the mesmerizing trip. Tosh is located near Barsheni which serves as a base camp for trekkers or a resting place to those who finished trekking. Tosh in Parvathi valley offers splendid views of blue skies, snow-clad mountain peaks, green forests and flowing waters of Parvathi River. Visit Tosh in summer months to beat the Indian heat and enjoy a good holiday.

For those willing to spend your vacation in quiet, Tosh located at the end of Parvathi valley is a welcome surprise. The peaceful environment and ambiance of Tosh are enough to relax mind and body away from the worldly material pleasures. The village is a relatively untouched area compared to the crowded tourist destinations. The best way to explore Tosh is by wandering around the least trodden paths and exploring the enthralling landscapes on foot. The clean air and pleasant weather with stunning views are the strong reasons which attract tourists from all over the world to visit Tosh.

Popular spots around Tosh

One of the perks of visiting Tosh is you get to witness the awesome EDM concert which happens once a year near Parvathi valley. It is a fine chance to see a lot of foreigners dancing to tunes and experience party nightlife. Tosh has rapidly become the top destination for backpackers as it has cheaper accommodations than popular tourist spots like Kasol. Tosh is notoriously famous for hashish and popular for the beautiful apple orchards. Places like Malana, Chalal, Kheerganga, Mankaran, Kasol are famous tourist destinations near to the village of Tosh.

The cuisine at Tosh is a mix of Indian, European and Italian food. There are few wooden houses, hotels, and cafes for the discerning traveler to rest apart from setting up tents for camping. Visit Tosh in the summer months as winter brings a lot of snow and there will be fewer activities to do during such time. For those who love snow-based activities, the months from November to February are recommended. Tosh has undoubtedly become a tourist spot for backpackers, hippies, and weekend getaways.

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