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Kasol Valley Kullu

kasol valley kullu

Located in the district of Kullu, Kasol is a hamlet situated in the Parvathi valley. Kasol is a wonderful place to get your holiday started filled with adventure and joy. The roaring Parvathi River, amazing treks, flavorful local cuisines and nature at its best makes Kasol the best holiday destination in Himachal Pradesh. This summer getaway tourist destination is perfect for people of all ages to unleash their inner child.

Kasol Trip

Be it an evening stroll or camping beside the Parvathi River, Kasol gives you the best holiday experience. Undisturbed by tourists, Kasol is rapidly becoming a popular tourist spot for nature lovers, backpackers, and trekkers. The village is situated on the banks of River Parvathi which runs between Bhuntar and Manikaran. This quaint little village is aptly called the Amsterdam of India for its stunning scenery.

Even if you are not an adventure lover, Kasol is a quiet place to relax and unwind. The white sand on the banks of Parvathi River adds allure to the village and offers the discerning tourists a chance to connect with nature. The hills surrounding the village are covered in alpine and coniferous forests which makes it a paradise for nature lovers.

How to reach Kasol

For those traveling by air, Kasol can be reached by arriving at the closest airport in Bhuntar that is 35km away. For those traveling by train, the nearest station is Joginder Nagar railway station which is 140km away. The best time to visit Kasol is throughout the year as the summer months are refreshing to beat the heat and winter months are filled with activities like camping and trekking.

Things to do in Kasol

Trekking: it is the top on every tourist list when they visit Kasol. Trek to the nearby villages as the place is filled with scenic spots. The famous trekking trails in Kasol are KheerGanga, Sar Pass, Yanker Pass, and Pin Parbati Pass. For those not interested in trekking, the next best option is to walk to the village of Chalal where climbing is not required. Near to Kasol, there are a lot of hidden hamlets which are untouched by urbanization. Malana is one such hidden hamlet near Kasol which is a must place to visit.

Kasol is famously known as little Israel and be sure to indulge in local cuisines which are a mix of Indian and Israel restaurants that entice your taste buds. There are a lot of cafes with wonderful ambiance and aromatic food which comes as a treat to all your senses. No one can resist the urge to camp under the stars and Kasol just makes camping better with flowing waters on the banks of Parvati River.

For those looking for hot springs, take a walk to Manikaran which is 4km away from Kasol. Indulge in local flea market shopping while taking an evening stroll. Kasol is also the hotspot for PSYtrance festival which happens annually. Finish your journey by meditating peacefully in the enchanting and warm local temples.

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