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Vashisht Village Manali

vashisht village manali

The village of Vashisht is located in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. This tourist place is known to be founded by sage Vashisht. He was the teacher of Lord Rama and Lakshmana. The village is known to be the residence of the then Vashisht clan and it boasts of palace and temple before the Mughal rule. The village faces the Beas River and it resembles the quieter Manali town. The cool atmosphere and cheap accommodation attract tourists to this quaint little village. It is approximately 6km away from the Manali town and is located at the base of a steep cliff.

The village of Vashisht is at a walkable distance from Manali and local transport like autos are also available for the commute. Vashisht experiences high crowds of tourists during peak holiday seasons. Backpackers usually visit the village for accommodation and to witness rich cultural traditions. The water streams of Beas cut the idyllic roads of Vashisht village. An old bridge connects the roads and the whole vibe of the village is a combination of rustic charm and serenity. The houses of the village show traditional styles and find a café at end of streets which is a pleasant surprise for the tourists.

Sightseeing in Vashisht

The temple built in Vashisht is believed to be older than 4000 years where the sage Vashisht started meditating. The temple boasts of old-style Indian architecture with intricate carvings made of wood and stone. The presence of hot springs near to the temple is an added attraction to the village. The water of the hot springs is believed to have healing properties and tourists take a dip in it. The local authorities have set up separate bathing arrangements for men and women that take a dip in the medicinal hot springs.

The hot water springs in the Vashisht village are called Kunds(ponds)and are believed to be formed due to granitic gneisses. The temperature of the hot springs is about 120 F and the ponds can accommodate 3000 people. The next important tourist attraction in this small village is the Ram temple. It is located adjacent to the Vashisht temple and is respected by Hindus as a sacred place of worship. The main shopping street of Vashisht village is famous for woolen clothes. The climate of the village is mild and not prone to extreme heat and cold. To experience snowfall in Vashisht, visit the village in the month of January.

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