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Manu Temple Manali

manu temple manali

One of the must-visit Manali travel destinations in Manali is the Manu temple built in dedication to sage Manu. It lies approximately 3km away from the Manali market. The history of the temple, its architecture and the Beas River located near it are the tourist attractions and main reasons to see the temple. According to the ancient scriptures, Manu is believed to be the creator of the human race and all the history regarding it is compiled in a book called Manusmriti was written by him.

The Manu temple history is a very intriguing one and Manu is believed to have descended to earth and meditated in this place. Hence the place is considered holy and ancestors have built a temple in the honor of him in the same place where he dwelt and meditated. Pilgrims hold high regard to this Manu temple as described by Hindu Mythology. Being in the center of Manali town, this tourist destination is highly recommended for tourists all over the world. The serenity of the temple and its old world charm should be experienced by the tourists at least once. This little gem of the old temple is actually located in the old town of Manali near the hill.

Other destinations near Manu temple

The surrounding hills and old residential homes near the temple give a peaceful vibe. The locals in the area are very warm and friendly. The temple offers a breathtaking view of the mountains and the temple itself is very alluring with a different style of architecture. It is lesser crowded when compared to other religious tourist destinations and visitors often find solace in the peaceful environment. The Manu temple is a century-old structure and the visitors are welcomed with the history of the place as soon as they enter.

Though the walk to the temple is a bit steep, every step you take towards the destination is worthwhile once you see the scenic views from the temple. The Manu temple is a small but beautiful place one can visit to escape the normal commercial tourist spots. Tourists can find cabs from the Manu temple to visit the surrounding areas and Solang valley which is 11km away from the temple is the must-visit destination after it. The trek paths like Gaushal village trek and Solang valley trek can be done from Manu temple.

Manu temple timings

The Manu temple is built with stone structures and winters can be too cold here. The entry to the temple is free and the temple is open for a visit from morning 8 to evening 6. The best time to visit the temple is during the day. Some of the facilities available at the temple are locker, bathrooms, and mobile or video cameras are allowed. It is ideal to spend an hour at the temple and admire the beauty of the architecture and surrounding sceneries. Most tourists visit the temple by foot as it is in the walking distance from the Manali market.

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