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Shimla Market Guide

shimla market guide

Planning your tour to shimla with Amazing India travels in itself gives you an exposure that any localities experience. It is because at Amazing India Travels you are primarily being served under a team who is a Himachali by birth which ensures that they knows in and outs of Shimla pretty well. Also team has a keen interest in expeditions and exploring different places and has established his career in the same line of exploring places that is tour and travel industry (academically and professionally) you may entirely trust them and their business or dream to be precise, Amazing India Travels.

Although this tour to shimla will surely be worth investing your time and money, and unleashing the beauty of Shimla would be best done by Amazing India Travels. But here we are to give you some cue hints regarding what all the queen of Himachal, Shimla offers you with.

Shimla, which was a summer capital in British time and serves no less even today (unofficially) is a capital city of Himachal Pradesh. This city is best for tourism throughout the year. Those who love the chilling winters can visit this city anytime between october to March and can even enjoy the snowfall after mid December till february last. As we have already discussed the different sights or tourist spots that you can visit in Shimla. Here we will be discussing all for those who love shopping and have immense love for handicraft or region belonging antiques.

Shimla apart from being one of the famous tourist spot is also a shopping hub for many. Despite many people regarding or claiming the shimla market as an expensive and high end market, almost every one love it. It is because of the hardwork that is put in by the local people be it a labour class, retailer or sales man or even those who owns a chain store here that every one ios ready to pay that extra bit from their pockets. And worry not this market gives you an ample space for bargaining and you may have several deals that you may cherish life long. So let’s have an eye on what all spots Shimla has fro shoppping freaks:


A brand lover or love to try some mouth watering Indian cuisines. You are at a right place. Mall road of shimla is a shoppping and scenic stretch amid the toppest hill in Shimla city that is Jakhu. Mall road offers it all a church, ice cream corners, horse riding (occasional yak ridings), stall food, restaurants, meeting halls, gaiety theatre (mannual theatre), ritz theater (cinema thetre), shopping malls, Himachali Emporium, books store (which are age old and serves the books that are available no where else), and much more to the expectation of any tourist.

This stretch offers you a sound and good glimpse of British architect that is finely preserved and have been put to use even today. Many buildings of that time are used as government offices some as museum places and remaining are rented to the various shopkeepers which is regulated by Municipality Corporation of Shimla. Here you can shop anything from international brand like Benetton, Woodland, Adidas to local brands that have been serving since decades and for almost centuries now and have built a good trust in the market like Lal and sons, DCAR, and many more.

Starting from Indira gandhi National Stadium on the one end which is accessible via lift from old bus stand, Shimla this Mall road ends on CTO (city telegraph office), now BSNL office. And one part of it also extends from scandal point to Chirst Church or the beginning of Lakkar Bazar. Apart from shopping centres that Mall road offers its tourist, it also offers you to have a taste of Indian cuisines and many local dishes like siddu at Himachali Rasoi. You can also have a seats at some of the luxury restaurants like Goofa, Ashiana, Nalini, and many more. For entertainment purposes Mall road gives you the option of Horse riding, Yak riding (seasonal), game points (offering snookers, playstations, etc.), and one cinema theatre, Ritz and one heritage culture complex Gaiety Theatre of British times.

Also if you are worried about carrying your kids who are still toddlers mall road offers you with an optiion of baby trollys that you can hire from the road side stallers in front of Indira Gandhi National Stadium.


Just adjacent to the mall road on its south we have Lower Bazar which is a highly crowded market of the city and gives you an access to the local shops of clothings, general stores, vegetable market, book markets, and road side stalls. This market have several lanes in a much similar way as it is in terrace farming and are parallel to Mall Road.

You can have access to this market from old bus stand, Shimla and also it has several passages from Mall road which opens up in the specific market like a passage from CTO leads you to books and stationery market. Another passage from Sher- E- Punjab leads you to the market of textile, clothing, footwear, handicrafts, jewellery, and woolens. And not just this here you can even visit the international brand stores like Forever 16, American Tourister, Medame, and many more. Also, this market is a famous spot for many bride and groom’s trousseau shopping and peiople from differnet parts of Himachal visit here for marriage shoppings.

Apart from this here you can much on snacks and sweets from Shimla famous stores like Mehrus’s and desi ghee jalebis from Nathuram Lachman Dass.

This market offers it all for all classes be it high class people, pocket friendly stores for compartively pocket conservative tourists, and it even offers street side stalls.


Love that authentic handicraft pattern from Tibet region and the warmth of their product so Tibeti market is the one other spot that you can visit. Also, this market offers you good and ready to grab the deals as it purely depends on your bargaining skills that you can use here. You can reach here either from Lakkar Bazar bus Stand or can have footfall from Mall road as on the other side of Mall Road is Tibeti market.


Lakkar Bazar is yet another stretch from Mall road towards Indira Gandhi Medical College, Snowdon. This market is a good place to shop for those destination tour gifts or show piece shopping for your home. Here almost all shops have the hand crafted wooden items and offers original Himachali handicraft and handloom industry items.

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