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Shimla Cycling Trails

shimla cycling trails

Happiness in life need not be about luxurious trips and grand hotels. There are a lot of simple pleasures in life like spending time with loved ones, nature walks and riding a bicycle. Spend a day riding a bike in refreshing woods or experience an exhilarating holiday breathing crisp mountain air. If you are looking for such blissful places to ride a bicycle, Shimla is one of the best choices in India. You can pedal along the stunning views of the 7 hills in Shimla whose splendor is as appealing as the mighty Himalayas.

Shimla, the queen of the hills, is always buzzing with tourists all along the year. Apart from sightseeing, camping, hiking, and many other adventure sports, Cycling is the most fun activity for tourists of all age groups. Shimla comprises various beautiful cycling trails which expose the lush vegetation, wildlife, deep valleys and lofty snow-clad peaks.

Fagu Trail (The Old Road)

This cycling trail takes you from Shimla to Fagu through various up hills, down roads and deeply curved roads. One can cycle through the old road which was originally built for a railway track. Since the road covering the distance contains mud roads and tar roads, cycling is the best option to explore the nature. The apple orchards and potato vegetation are scenic views along the road. Make sure to visit them in full bloom seasons to appreciate the harvest. The curves and bends of some roads are too deep and make sure to go slow through them as the twists can be unpredictable in some places. One can travel to Fagu and return to Shimla in half a day on cycle.

Mashobra- Bekhalti

Though it is situated just 14 km away from Shimla, the ride to Mashobra is mostly uphill and need good leg stamina. The cycling trip is rewarding and a treat to the eyes at the end with pine and oak forests and few apple orchards. You can see a lot of tourists in the area either enjoying picnics, camping or hiking in the forest trails. Wildlife is also abundant in the forest area and cycling along the catchment area is energizing. If you just want a flat cycling circuit, one can head to Bekhalti region which is 18 km away.


Located at a short distance from Shimla, Kufri is a famous attraction for tourists to view the forests, wildlife, and snow-clad mountains. Mountain biking is the famous adventure activity which beckons various cyclists every year to Kufri. Though the roads are better than other cycling trails, the cycle trail needs to be completed with some stamina since it is mostly uphill. The route from Kufri to Theog is much easier as it is flat. There is an interesting helipad on the return from Theog to Shimla with a lot of rubble on the way.

Shimla- Sadhupul

If you need a long exhilarating sprinting bicycle track, Shimla to Sadhupul is a flat trail suitable for you. You can witness the native villages along the trail and can even rest in one of those mesmerizing waterfalls near to them. During the part of this trail, riders can experience a little rise in temperatures. Make sure to carry a water bottle and rest if exhaustion hits you. It is a must to visit the local temples on your bicycling trip.


Cycling at high altitudes is not only refreshing but gives a different perspective to the places we sightsee. Chail is one such high altitude places near Shimla which was once the home to Maharaja of Patiala. It has the highest cricket ground and beautiful lawns and heritage hotels. Pedal away your worries by exploring the local flora and fauna as you go downhill. The roads are in a good condition which makes the cycling experience fun and easy.

Shimla- Baldeyan

This cycling trail is called the royal circuit. Start from Shimla and pace through Mashobra to reach Baldeyan. One can stop for a break near the old pumping station in Thaila until which the ride is downhill. The next journey is mostly uphill but riders can get lost in the beauty of nature and its small hamlets. The home-stays in Baldeyan are perfect for rejuvenating your energy while enjoying the orchards.


The cycling trail from Shimla to Chabba crosses many places and is almost 40km. it is ideal to go on a one way trip for the day and stay at Chabba for the night. Throughout the trail, riders can enjoy the lush forests and breathe in the mountain air. The smell of thick woods is fragrant with pine, birch, pine, oak, rhododendron trees. Almost all the trees grow in the forests of Shimla. The valleys along the trail are full of various flowers in bloom. Plan to ride after the monsoon season to see the roses, peonies, lilies and fragrant grasses. The trail is both uphill and downhill in certain places. Take some time to de-route and visit the flowing rivers where you can indulge in rafting and fishing.

Shimla is a fun place to travel on bicycles and to explore the enchanting remote regions. It is a good exercise for your muscles while enjoying the wilderness of the places. The forest trails, footpaths and high altitude roads of Shimla attract cycling enthusiasts from all over the country to enjoy a fun holiday. Shimla as a whole is a cyclist’s delight with natural trails, calm hamlets, and quaint villages.

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