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Cycling in Shimla

cycling in shimla

Cycling is more than just exploring the rough and natural terrain as it has many technical skills compared to any other form of riding. A pro in cycling will always recommend the amateurs to stress the weaknesses; this will help in maximizing the pleasure while exploring different trails. It eventually becomes a way of life when you attain the expected results. You will tend to get addicted to it and make efforts to join more cycling enthusiasts.

Purpose-built mountain trails are a boon for beginners who are skeptical about their cycling skills. International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) states, “The social and environmental sustainability of the trail decides the success of the trail. If the trail is strategically designed it will need minimal attention towards maintenance, and the landscape”.

Try trails with different features and keep increasing the difficulty level depending on the progress. Plan for cycling trails where you can learn cornering and adjusting body during obstacles. We have jotted down the best five unique trails for practice and a routine which you should follow to get the best out of it.

1. Taradevi to Mehli (Be prepared for climbing)

A route that which involves a lot of climbing and the muscles literally scream for a break. The approx distance between Taradevi to Mehli is around 35 km, with a flat beginning, which later turns into a rough ride with the continuous climbing involved for 12 km. The path is scattered broken stones and pine trees on the sideways. So apart from the entire struggle that goes on in this route, one can be at peace with the alluring view.

Bonus to this visit: -

The Tara Devi Temple is just 11 km away from Shimla Bus Stand, and it lies in the midst of the thick and dense forest, which surrounds the beautiful town. It was built 250 years ago with eight different elements, which makes it rare. This is a perfect spot to visit if you are seeking tranquility.

2. Mashobra to Sipur to Bekhalti (Be open to obstacles)

This is an interesting trail, which includes drops, jumps, bumps and other natural obstacles. It rushes downward and then starts climbing which proves to be the most suitable practice trail. In total, the trail is of 30 km, including 8 km outrageous climbs.

Bonus to this visit: -

This trail is filled with soft and pleasing grass, which leads you to charming villages in Shimla. Once you reach Bekhalti, you can enjoy the breeze on the mountains, which is quite distracting, if you are cycling. So try not to lose focus or you may end up injuring yourself.

3.Shimla to Taradevi – Sadhupul and back to Shimla (Stay strong in high temperatures)

This is special as it has been included as a part of MTB Shimla in most editions. You are lucky if you can get a preview of this exotic trail, which is a 30km route. This route is easy in the beginning and one can practice sprinting on this flat route. Once you start you will meet the downhill section in a jiffy, and the temperature here will be higher. So be prepared for this part of the ride, and for some beautiful sights, which surrounds the villages. After reaching Sadhupul the trail takes you to Shimla which is 8-10km, and filled with tarmac that makes the climb bit difficult.

Bonus to this visit: -

Sadhupul is one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in Shimla. It is a crowded hill station as it filled with different adventure activities and undeniably attractive waterfalls.

4.Shimla to Kufri to Theog (Perfect trail to build perfection)

A tarred trail but a steep climb makes it the right one for practice sessions. This is also a best choice for uphill sprints, as it gets flat from Kufri to Theog. Kufri has an appealing view, and it has made to the list of Asia’s largest forests.

Bonus to this visit: -

It is snow –covered from Theog, so try not to get too distracted, and while coming back explore a single track filled with bushes and debris.

5. Shimla to Mashobara to Bekhalti (Never underestimate the easiest one)

There is climb from Shimla to Mashobara, but the way towards Bekhalti is flat and 18 km route. This is the easiest one compared all four mentioned above in this list. You can actually leverage this trail as a recovery even with few potholes and muddy areas, which you will encounter.

Bonus to this visit: -

Bekhalti is basically a village located in Theog where people are more inclined towards farming. It is closer dense forest and the climate in the unspoiled landscape is mesmerizing.

The practice sessions will ease off if you maintain a strict routine like most proficient cyclists:-

Even if it is practicing on a trail, you will need to consider certain cycling hacks, which will boost your confidence. These are quite common among people who follow this activity on regular basis, and hence they are highly recommended.

1. Stay relaxed
If you are too stressed thinking about how you will make it, you will end up with a bad experience. Instead, try relaxing as much as you can, to avoid too many bumps on any planned trail. 2) First work on your natural suspension
Your arms and legs are the best suspensions and you need to work with focus on both equally. Keep them bent throughout, specially the elbows by keeping it in pushup position. 3) Movements are important
Hands and feet are the only part of your body, which gets closer to the cycle. Rest of the body should be kept away, especially when you travel through a rough route filled with debris, corners and potholes. 4) Don’t try to lead your body
Instead of leading your body, try letting your body lead in order to steer naturally. Forcing unwanted energy will drain you when you reach halfway and this will make your ride strenuous.

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