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Shimla Cycling Route Tours

shimla cycling route tours

Do you wish to go on a cycling expedition in one of the most beautiful places in India? Amazing India Travels provides wonderful cycling tours in Shimla amidst the picturesque mountains and cool forests. The trip will leave you engrossed in the beauty of nature while you absorb the tranquility of the surroundings and find inner peace. There are some thrilling and adventurous cycling routes to satisfy the adrenaline rush in tourists who want venture into wild unexplored places of Shimla. Shimla offers some beautiful cycling trails to allure the avid cycling enthusiasts. You are bound to experience thrill and adventure in the serene natural locations. A ride alongside valleys, waterfalls, and mountains is bound to leave you awed and makes you crave for more amazing experiences.

Amazing India travels provides 3 cycling routes for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers who seek to enjoy the pristine nature of Shimla on some refreshing bike rides.

Cycling Route- 1 (Towards Shimla Water Catchment Area) (trekking level- moderate)

The Shimla water catchment wildlife sanctuary is spread in 1000 hectares of land about 7-8 km away from east of Shimla. The sanctuary is preserved safely over 135 years for biodiversity conservation and harvesting of water. The catchment area which is the home to many species of plant, animals, and insects offers a perfect day for nature walks, cycling, and hikes. The cycling trail usually starts from the gates of water sanctuary. The water reservoir at Seog was constructed in 1901 and the area was finally declared as wildlife sanctuary in 1999.

The Himachal Pradesh forest department manages the sanctuary now and any kind of waste should not be left out by the tourists as a part of environment conservation. The trail into the sanctuary is serene and relaxed offering the tourists a rich experience of wildlife on the first-hand basis. The breath-taking landscapes beckon nature lovers from all over the world to experience pristine surroundings on a large scale. The catchment area is covered with fir, oak, cedar and spruce forests. The 300 species of plants and shrubs cover a wide variety of rare plants, medicinal herbs, and some exotic flowering plants.

The butterflies and birds are a rich part of the wildlife sanctuary and nature lovers can indulge in bird sighting and watch at peace. One can comprehend the greatness of nature by taking solitary cycling in the vast sanctuary and often sight wild animals like leopard, jackal, and fox, Goral barking deer, flying squirrel and porcupine. The cycling trail is relatively easy as the road is wide enough and there are no major ups and downs along the trail. It takes approximately an hour or hour and a half to finish the cycle trail one way on cycles.

It is a 6-7 km cycling trail from the gate of the sanctuary till the water reservoir. Visitors and tourists can either walk or hire cycles to enjoy the nature trail. The trail continues for some more kilometers till you reach a small shrine. Rest there and embrace nature before starting the return journey. Permits can be taken at the wildlife sanctuary gate for taking vehicles inside. The forests are so dense in some parts where sunrays do not reach the ground. Leave your worries behind and enjoy your weekend by cycling in the lap of nature.

Cycling route- 2 (Dhalli, Shimla to Naldehra tour)(trekking level- difficult)

Naldehra is the paradise hidden in the Himalayan hills. Located t a distance of 18km away from Shimla, this serene beauty is located far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This picturesque beauty carries the unspoiled charm of a hill station. It is famous for its 18-hole golf course. This small hamlet lies 7000 ft above the sea level and is a famous spot for picnics, parties, and trails for walking and cycling. The deodar trees cover most of the hamlet and provide plenty of shade for tourists and families visiting with children.

Cycling tour starts from Dhalli, Shimla to Naldehra via Mashobra, Baldiyan, and Sadhora. The 15 km cycling route can be covered in an hour and a half. The cycling tour is preferable one-way for those who cannot complete the return tour. Taxi is provided for guests by the tour company along with first aid kit in the case of emergencies. This cycling trip takes the travelers through real Shimla pass connecting the villages on the way. Apart from the golf course, Naldehra is famous for the fruit orchards especially apple trees. In the middle of the golf course, a Nag Dev temple called Mahunag is flocked by visitors every day.

The river Sutlej flows nearby Naldehra which is an added attraction for tourists. Cyclists can relax in nature by the serene forests and meadows. They can rejuvenate and relax before resuming to their onward journey. Tourists can enjoy the splendid view of snow-capped Himalayas from Naldehra. Relish your weekend in the rolling green hills and towering pine trees.

Cycling route 3 (Summer Hill to Chadwick fall via Chailly) (trekking level- difficult)

One of the must-visit places in Shimla is the Chadwick falls located on Summer Hill. The stunning waterfalls cascade from a height of 1580 meters. The falls are surrounded by dense woods of deodar and pine trees. The waterfalls look full in the monsoon season with water gushing from top and pools at the bottom. The refreshing waterfalls get the name from Chidku, which in local language means the bird or bird’s eye. It was named so as the top of the waterfall could only be reached by the birds and was inaccessible to local people.

Chadwick falls are situated about 5 km away from Summer Hill and it takes roughly 45 minutes to reach the falls by walk. The cycling trail is a moderate to difficult one with a lot of bumpy and zigzag roads. The road to Chadwick falls is mostly unevenly covered with fallen leaves from the forest. One has to pass through villages like Chailly to reach Chadwick falls. The cycling trail covers 6 km on one side and a total of 12 km including return journey. Nature lovers do not miss this scenic place when visiting Shimla and learn about the story behind the waterfalls.

According to a legendary story, a demon living near the falls caused a lot of trouble to the villagers. So the villagers prayed to Nag Devta to put an end to their troubles. The deity fought with the demon and restored peace. The villagers built a temple beside the falls and worship it daily. Tourists should visit the temple during their trip. Reach Chadwick falls safely in cycles and have a refreshing dip or relax by the falls before starting the return journey. The host will provide parking space and tourists that have extra energy can return by cycling back to the starting point before nightfall. Visitors with stamina and control over breath can enjoy the cycling route to see this scenic place.

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