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Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary

shimla water catchment wildlife sanctuary

It is situated 8km northeast of shimla, just off the NH22(kufri-shimla) highway.The catchment has an ares of 1020.32 hectares and receives 1600mm rainfall. The sanctuary serves twin objectives i.e conservation of wildlife and water harvesting. A centuary old water harvesting plan have been preserved till today.The water supply based on gravity and is the source of supply of water to Shimla town. At the same time it is an important wildlife sanctuary having a great conservation value. A long history of conservation has been associated with catchment area,it has been conserved for more than past 135 years. It was in 1999, when the area was finally notified as wildlife sanctuary and a reservoir at seog was constructed in 1901. Today the place is being managed by the Himachal pradesh forest department.

The catchment area is rich in biodiversity, home to many species of plants,animals birds and insects.Many plants of medicinal importance are also found in the forest. The area supports dense Deodar forest.The other trees found in the catchment area includes Ban oak, Mohru oak,Kharsu oak,Himalayan spruce, Himalayan pine etc. Flowers include Blue Himalyan Anemone,Indian Paper plant, Himalyan Rose,Himalyan Balsam,Himalyan Honeysuckle,Red mountain etc. The catchment area is a Bird watcher's paradise,chirping of the birds is the only noise inside the sanctuary.Animals sightings are also very common.The sanctuary has a very high density of Koklass Pheasant.The place is a delight for wildlife lovers.

The catchment area offers a perfect day hike into the woods.The trail starts from the gates of the water catchment sanctuary,it is a 6km walk from the gates to a beautiful rest house at Seog. Below the trail are the pipelines laid century ago.The trail is surrounded by tall Deodar and himalyan oaks mainly.Along the way,there are many streams of water. Beautiful wooden cabins built inside the catchment area facilitate magnificant views of the dense forest and the valley.


No words could do justice describing the beauty of the place. The dense Deodar forest is stretched out as far as the eyes could see.If you are seeking solace in nature,this is the perfect place for you. Far away from the noise of cities and worries of material world, this place will connect you with the divine. Cycling in the woods , something each of us must experience once in a lifetime.For the love of cycling, you must take a cycling tour of the catchment area.Cycling will definately give you the much needed adrenaline rush and will lift up your spirits.

So take out some time to connect with mother nature ,to soothe your city nerves and soak into the beauty of nature plan your next adventure with AMAZING INDIA TRAVELS TO Shimla water catchment wildlife sanctuary.

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