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Manikaran in Kullu

manikaran in kullu

Manikaran is located on the banks of River Parvathi in Kullu district. It lies at an altitude of 1760m above the sea level. Manikaran is famous as the pilgrim destination for Hindus and Sikhs. The lush green surroundings, hot water springs, waterfalls, mountain peaks, and valleys draw hundreds of tourists to visit the place. It is easily accessible from Kasol which is 3km away and one can travel from Kullu for 45km to reach Manikaran. The hot springs in Manikaran is a must try experience for the tourists. The cool weather and contrasting hot water in the springs add allure to the town.

Mythological importance of Manikaran

It is said that when Lord Shiva and Parvathi are roaming across the region, Parvathi dropped a jewel (it is called Mani in the Sanskrit language) in this region and asked Lord Shiva to retrieve it. Unable to find the lost jewel, Lord Shiva opened his third eye and caused destruction. Following that, Serpent Sheshnag emerged and hissed which caused water to boil. It led to the eruption of all gems hidden and Parvathi found her lost jewel among them. Owing to this legend tale, the region was named Manikaran and the story explains the birth of hot water springs.

Places to visit in Manikaran

The Rama temple and Shiva temple are religious places of attraction for Hindus while the Gurudwara attracts Sikhs to visit the sacred Guru Nanak Dev. The Gurudwara is known to offer free food to needy people on daily basis and use the hot water springs to cook the food. The hot water springs are known to cure some skin ailments as it contains sulfur and phosphorous and tourists take a dip in them. It is good to cure muscle ailments and the water is hot enough to boil rice. The Harinder mountain range surrounding the Manikaran is a scenic view and is one of the reasons to visit the sacred town.

The River Parvathi flows through the town adding beauty to the place. Kulanth pith is another tourist destination and the most sacred Pith of all the other for Hindus. Manikaran is the perfect holiday destination for pilgrims and those looking to find cultural stories and mythological facts behind towns. The best time to visit Manikaran is in the summer months when the temperature is low enough for a cool climate without snow. The winter months should be avoided for visit due to harsh climatic conditions. The local markets of Manikaran have interesting items and tourists can shop for traditional things here.

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