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Kali Tibba

kali tibba

While one is visiting Solan and hoping to progress towards the beautiful spot ahead in kasauli, One can get a vivid glimpse of a white colored fort like temple of goddess kali from quite a distance. Kalitibba is situated 50km away from Shimla and also approachable by Kandaghat – Sadhupul – Chail road.Kallitibba is situated at 2444 mtrs from sea level.

The height that the temple is situated in makes one feel intrigued and anxious enough to at least be able to visit that height for once in a lifetime . When I made my recent visit to Shimla. I could not help myself from asking about the place from the local people. From the information I got to know that it is a place named Chail where this temple of Goddess Kali is situated. If you are an adventurer and wanting to feel the heights of the mountain than one definitely must make a quick visit. Quick because it takes time to reach there, I did the same and followed my clock so that I could reach back to the main city in time.

On my way towards the temple I got to see a thick belt of forests covered with pine and deodar trees. The rugged roads, the small little nuances of the village life, the rough mountain peaks and the pleasant weather makes it an ideal adventure. And once we reached the temple the quietness, the subtelety of the place, the calm weather and the view of Choordhar peak makes it a visit worth happening.

While descending down one does have a feeling of ease and calmness that one got to see such an exquisite heart wrenching height which seemed quite impossible to reach from down the valley. It is one of the most beautiful place of Shimla which should be on the list of any Traveler who wants to feel real Shimla.

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