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Shimla During Monsoon

shimla during monsoon

If you want to feel the fresh devdaar, lush green landscape of Himalaya you can visit this Himalayan region during monsoon. July and August is peak season for rain and you will find shower all over the way small waterfalls, greenery all over the way. This is the season when you can found clouds close to you and everything seems washed. Streets seem less crowded except from rush hours of morning and evening. Monkey seems quiet opposite to their nature.They are just escaping from rain and quietly sitting in tree branches. Roads becoming bit tuff and sloppy during monsoon hence you have to pay extra attention during monsoon. Sometimes a cup of Coffee and views outside your room window adds extra charm. Your mood becomes light when you see all these things around you. This is the time when fog lashes out everywhere and you are not able to see even the person next to you.

All the tress for example cedar, oak, rhododendron spread its fragrance everywhere and if you are a nature lover and have a deep love for nature will be able to feel that. In Monsoon all the waterfall nearby streams are its peak so the charm to see these things multiplied. Even monsoon in its peak there is no such problems of flood.

In monsoon season charm to see these mountains and landscapes increases as the beauty is multiplied, chirping birds silent forests attracts you towards them, Leaves in the tree looks beautiful as it is full of drizzle and giving beautiful look.

If you are making your plans to visit Shimla or the other part of Himachal in monsoon nature at its best is waiting for you. So you have to grab this opportunity with both hands and should plan your holidays in this monsoon.

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