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Soak In the Enthralling Beauty of The Snow Country Visit Himachal Pradesh

soak in the enthralling beauty of the snow country visit himachal pradesh

Come Summers – people flock to Shimla, the summer capital of India as it has been known since the times of the British. The essence of the British era has been captured in the magnificent architecture which narrates the story of the city’s journey from Shumla through Semlah and Simla to be known as Shimla in the current day. For the British, Shimla was a home away from home because of its weather. In the 19th century Shimla was nothing more than a forest and all it had was one temple. It was when the Nepalese attacked it, that the British and the local chieftains fought back and started setting up ground here. Every lane, every building has a story to tell.

Explore the Awe-Inspiring Manali

Manali is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations. Its woody forests and the majestic hills that surround it will sweep you off your feet with their charm. Rohtang pass and Solang Valley are experiences that you simply cannot miss when you are travelling to Manali. We take you on a journey where you can repose and refresh your mind and soul right in nature’s lap. With the opportunities that Manali presents for the adventurous traveller, we can also take you for activities like trekking, paragliding, zorbing, white water rafting, skiing etc. if you are up for it. Manali also presents opportunities for the spiritual traveller with several temples including the renowned Hadimba temple, Raghunath temple, Jagannathi Devi temple etc. Overall, Manali is the perfect place for every kind of traveller including the one who seeks a bit of everything.

Unexplored Places of Himachal – Let’s go Off Beat

Should you want to explore the more untouched serene landscapes, far from the maddening crowds we take you into the heart of the Himalayas, to places that are not buzzing with the energy of tourists into calm of Kasol, Dharamkot, Malana, KheerGanga and the likes. Here you can explore the true spirit of Himachal, mingle with the locals, savour in the lush greens and marvel at the purity of nature with its breath-taking colour palette. The higher power certainly paints a wonderful picture here with the snow-capped mountains basking in sunlight and the sweet smelling apple orchards. Places like Barot also present ample opportunities for outdoor activities. We will also prepare you for these trips because the weather can get quite unfriendly. Places like Shoja are uncontaminated with tourists and offer you the perfect setting to relax and drift away into inner peace.

Explore Himachal Pradesh with Amazing India Travels

Every tourist has a different perspective on tourism. Some like to delve into history, some into culture or religion and some just want to escape from the daily mundane life. Amazing India Travels has carefully curated tours to satisfy the wanderlust of every kind of traveller. Come explore Himachal with our guided tours and take a real break.

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