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Shimla The Adventure Seeking Travellers Holy Grail

shimla the adventure seeking travellers holy grail

Everyone has a different idea of a vacation. Some just want to get away from the daily hustle bustle of life and go someplace where they can just sit and relax. There are others who want to explore, some who want to shop, while some others want to experience the adrenalin rush. Luckily enough, Shimla has something for everyone. We will talk about what Shimla has in store for every kind of traveller through our upcoming posts. Today we begin with taking you on a mental journey of what Shimla puts on the plate of an adventure seeker.

1. Paragliding

Every one of us has, at least once in their life, wished they could be a bird. The ability to fly freely, to soar in mid-air, the feeling that you get when you look at the world below as the wind brushes against your face – there’s nothing compared to that. It just makes you feel alive like never before. Paragliding is one activity that gives makes you feel this way. And thanks to the fact that Shimla sits in the lap of the Himalayas, it is a great place for paragliding which has become increasingly popular. Shimla’s, Bir and Billing located in the Kangra valley are the hubs for paragliding activities. Soar the high skies, amongst the most scenic locations. Come to Shimla and set yourself free.

2. Trekking

Trekking is another adventure sports activity that Shimla offers the tourists. There are short as well as long treks which take you across different slopes, to different peaks, each one different from the other. Chhrabara, Naldehra and Narkanda are the most popular trekking spots. On your treks, you get a chance to appreciate the beauty of the various snowy peaks of the mighty Himalayas and the beauty of nature en-route. Several camps and shelters have also been setup across the trekking routes to service the trekkers who come to enjoy this exhilarating activity.

3. River Rafting

River Rafting is one of the most sought after activities by the adrenalin junkie and the Sutlej River running across Shimla in full pace, makes it an ideal destination for the sport. The rafting expedition begins at Chamba. The aggressive waters stretch for 12km which gives you a full 2 hours to feel your adrenalin pumping until you reach Tatthapani. Tattapani is a hot pool in the most serene location where you can revamp your mind and body. The best time to go river rafting is from September to June.

4. Skiing

Kufri, located 10 km from Shimla, Mashobra, which is 13 km from Shimla and Narkanda which is 64 km from Shimla are India’s most popular skiing resorts. The Mahasu Ridge at Kufri and the Hattu peak near Narkanda have some very good slopes and attract skiing enthusiasts from all over the world, especially during winters. There are skiing activities for beginners as well as for those who seek more thrill.

5. Ice Skating

Shimla is home to the largest and the only natural ice skating rink in Asia. The ice skating season sets in in December and last until February when the cold weather makes it the perfect spot for ice skating as Shimla gets ready to host the ice skating festival. With the cool breeze brushing against you as you skate under the clear blue skies, the festival has become a great hit and attracts locals and tourists alike. All the equipment for skating like skates, kneepads are available at the rink for people who admire this sport and want to take a shot at it.

6. Mountaineering

The lofty ranges of the magnificent Himalayas make Shimla an ideal destination to go on a mountaineering expedition. Through your expedition, you will embark upon diverse flora and fauna and landscapes. To top it all, is the refreshing air of that carries the scent of the peaks it slithers through. It is truly a treat to the mountaineers.

Amazing India Travels takes you on an Amazing Adventure Rush in Shimla

Apart from all of these activities, there are also outdoor activities in Shimla like Golfing, Rappelling, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Zorbing and many more. If it’s the outdoors that your soul seeks, let us know and we will plan for you the perfect Shimla vacation.

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